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The Fall of Orloth is the final major project for three guys doing a Master of Arts degree. We hope you enjoy it!

In ‘The Fall of Orloth’, the player takes control of an Elf in the order of Custodians. Custodians are special, paired at birth with a dragon hatchling, the pair grow, learn, and mature together as if family, in order to form an unbreakable bond. Their job is to patrol the world, maintaining peace and order… And where needed, to quell the violence of more primitive races.

The Fall of Orloth will take place on a human settlement, built on a peninsula of an island the elves call Orloth. Until recently, the settlement had been well maintained, and the elf attendant there had been in regular contact with the Custodians. But when communication suddenly ceased, the player is sent to investigate.

The player will navigate the settlement, looking for clues as to why it has been abandoned, and try to uncover the mystery as to the literal disappearance of the inhabitants. There are no bodies, no signs of battle. The settlement is just… Empty, lifeless. The player will find clues in the form of crystals left by the attendant, imbued with elvish magic, the Custodian’s armour will react to their presence, alerting the player to a nearby crystal. The crystals themselves store messages in the form of a visual or aural journal, recorded by the attendant.


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How the fuck do I lower the fuckin graphics??

Good visuals but I think there's too much motion blur. Are there any plans to make a bigger game in this setting?